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The Barbecue

Idar-Obersteiner Spit-Roast

The Story of the Idar-Obersteiner Spit-Roast

There are various versions of the story of the origin of the Spit-Roast Spitas told by the people of Idar-Oberstein. I would like to tell you the most common version to give you an idea of the origin of this speciality:

Way back in the 15th century large quantities of precious stones could be found in numerous caves in the Idar-Oberstein area. These were then smoothed in water-driven grinding machines until they eventually got their famous Idar-Obersteiner smooth cut.

Then, about 250 years ago, the abundance of precious stones diminished and many families connected with the stone-grinding trade became anxious about their future. It was the younger generation who then decided that there was not enough work for both father and son to earn their daily bead and decided to emigrate. FireplaceThe destination of these young people – wheter planned or purely by coincidence cannot be determined – was almost wthout exeption the South American continent. The story continues, that a group of people from Idar-Oberstein, now working as musicians travelling from one Hacienda to the next, accidentally discovered some beautifully veined agate stone. During a dance break one of the musicians noticeed that the whole courtyard of the building was plastered with remarkably round stones. When he broke one of these stones open he discovered the most beautiful agate yet seen. From this moment onwards, the Idar-Obersteiner stone grinding trade was saved from ruin. Ships trvelling from South America to Eurpe carried the stones free of charge as ballast.

It was these young people who learned from the Campesinos (the cowboys of the pampas) how to prepare and cook pork and beef over and open fire in a deliciously savoury manner. Those who returned to Idar-Oberstein brought this secret recipe with them. Over the years. The recipe has been refined and improved by the addition of certain herbs and spices, and the Idar-Obersteiner Spit-Roast has now become a hot favourite amongst Gourmets. Only the best beech wood or peeled tanbark is used to grill the meat over. To use any other wood would be breaking a tradition. In addition to the meat, a tasty radish salat, a good beer or a glass of good wine – this sumptuous meal will remain in your memory for a long – long time!

All that remainsfor me to do is wish you “Guten Appetit”.

By the way, it is customary for those guests who cannot manage to eat the whole potion to ask our service personell to wrap the remaining meat so that you may take it home. Thinly cut, with a slice of fresh bread and onion rings, you have yet another speciality to enjoy.

It is prohibited to copy this story!


Concept, art and realization: Sven Bastrop
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